Chatting with friends and fam on our phones is the way to go. Send a text and PING! The person we want is there. Conversations can be short and sweet or go on for screens. And when the chat’s done, we’re out. All good.

Don’t you wish more conversations could be this immediate, this easy and this gratifying? Especially in areas like job hunting where communication, even texting, is a lost art. How many times have you applied for a job and then nothing? Or, if you do hear back, it’s something lame like an automated chatbot that’s so slow and off-target, you wonder why you even clicked, let alone applied.

 WorkHere is out to change that. We’re a geo-fenced talent acquisition company that helps employers across the United States connect with qualified, hyper-local job candidates. In other words, we help people like you find great jobs with companies you’d like to work for close to where you live.

The way we do it is by chatting people up via text. Sounds funny, but since WorkHere was founded way back in 2015, we’ve found the best way to connect people with the jobs they want is by establishing a relationship through texting. 

If you’re looking for a job, be it hard-core search mode or just casually, here are five reasons to let WorkHere chat you up.

ONE: We’re ready to chat. Now. Not later. When you hit the chat button on our website or on one of our job posts, the WorkHere chat team is ready to go, in most cases, we reply in less than 90 seconds. Seriously. We’re quicker on text response than your mom. Maybe even faster than your friends.

TWO:  The WorkHere chat team is made up of real, live people. Not a chatbot in the lot. Like you, we have no idea who thinks artificial chats are helpful; they’re slow and awkward. Our live chats are real conversations with real people in real-time. And, we love what we do: personally texting with thousands of people just like you to help make your job search easy.

THREE: Ask us anything about the positions you’re interested in. The WorkHere chat team knows the recruiters and hiring managers at the companies we represent. We also know what they’re looking for in terms of experience and skills as well as the good stuff like salary ranges, benefits, and other bennies. We want you to ask questions so we know what your expectations are. It also helps us determine if you’re a good fit for the job. When chatting with us, don’t be shy. Ask.

FOUR: We listen. The WorkHere chat team is all about you. So don’t be surprised when we ask YOU questions and then let you talk. It’s the best way to help connect you with the job you want.

FIVE: We can fast track your application. Ever wondered if anyone even looks at applications? Wonder no more. When you chat with WorkHere and we agree the job you’ve asked about is a good fit, we submit your application to our client’s HR team pronto, putting you at the front of the line. It’s like taking one giant step forward in the job-seeking quest. If it isn’t the job for you, we’ll help identify something that may be a better fit.

No other talent acquisition company is doing live chats with job candidates like WorkHere. Give it a try on the next job that catches your eye. Better yet, try it here now. Talk to you soon!