WorkHere's new website

After four years and one global pandemic, we at WorkHere have completely rebuilt our website.

We launched WorkHere in 2016 to help make the job market more efficient.

We were facing a set of unprecedented problems:

  • Unemployment was very low and trending to record lows.
  • Employers couldn’t find talent, Especially skilled and certified workers.
  • Workers often lived far from work, creating a huge opportunity to improve job satisfaction and life in general for workers along with improving employee loyalty and reducing absenteeism for employers.
  • Job ads were rapidly increasing in price.

When COVID-19 hit, this market flipped, and the problems employers and workers were facing dramatically changed:

  • Employers were suddenly facing mass layoffs and furloughs along with large numbers of new candidates. The struggle to keep up with this influx of candidates has been daunting. With the CARES Act support ending in July, this problem may grow substantially.
  • Reaching and engaging furloughed employees has proven to be difficult for many employers. Often they don’t read emails and it just isn’t practical to call all of them. The need to stay in touch, however, is more important than ever.
  • Screening, which had been relegated to the bottom of the funnel, has now become critical in early candidate engagement to help reduce recruiter workloads.
  • Many companies downsized their recruiting teams, making the surge of job seekers even harder to professionally manage in a timely manner.

“The new normal” isn’t a cliche. It’s very real. It’s going to take the economy a substantial amount of time to fully recover. Employers will have to reevaluate their standard operating procedures and make substantive changes. Our new conversational recruitment platform matches up well with the changes that need to take place.

  • Our new PivotCX conversational chat platform can greatly improve your recruiting team’s efficiency by 6-10x.
  • Our live, human chat teams can efficiently tackle the top of the recruiting funnel challenges and make short work of screening, engaging, and even doing first pass interviews on a surprisingly large scale.
  • “Every candidate can now talk to a live person in seconds” is easily the best candidate experience available – and it is reassuring to anxious job seekers that may not have had to change jobs in years. They prefer to engage with a live person vs. a cold, uncaring BOT or never hearing anything.
  • Our new text-based platform also enables live handoff of chats from our teams to yours. You have full access to every candidate message and can seamlessly “jump in” on conversations or initiate new ones.  
  • Our unique ability to integrate with job boards, social media, and ATS’s can accelerate screening and reduce initial candidate engagement from days and weeks to minutes.
  • We still provide our proven best in class geofence media capability, which fits well for recruiting people who live close to work or are in industries where COVID-19 has increased demand for local workers.

We’re all looking forward to a time when “COVID-19” isn’t in every other sentence. 

Until then, WorkHere will keep innovating and building tools and experiences that directly address the biggest problems faced by employers and job seekers. 

Hope you enjoy the new site, and we’re always looking for ways to improve.