Yes SMS Works for Tech Recruiting.

“Developers don’t want text messages.” — Recruiters who like to work way too hard.

I just finished interviewing candidates for a software developer position at WorkHere. My recruiting strategy was pretty simple:

Just use WorkHere.

So, it was my first experience being a customer of our PivotCX conversational recruiting platform.  Yes there are a couple of things we can improve, but the core of the product, the instant, live, human-to-human, chat driven engagement process was everything our sales and marketing people say it is, no over-hyping here.

First off, the candidates really liked the process. Every interviewee had three common things to say about the text-driven initial engagement and screening:

“It was one of the best experiences I’ve had.”

“I was surprised to get a text and a response so quickly.”

“I could tell after a message or two, I wasn’t talking to a chatbot.”

Second, it was blazing fast. In one week our chat team engaged and screened 231 prospective developer candidates – leaving me with 20 pre-scheduled 30-minute interviews and two chats where there were questions our chat team couldn’t answer (and in one case, I couldn’t even answer). So about 90% of the candidates were just not right for the job!  Most importantly, every candidate I did actually interview was solid and a good prospect for the job. Even the candidates that did not make it down to the finalist list, praised the process! 

In summary, I saved a tremendous amount of my time and provided a great engagement process for our candidates without having to sort through piles of resumes and try to reach candidates via email or the phone! I didn’t even have to deal with managing changes to the interview schedule – the chat team covered that. I just hit the start conference button and did my interviews.