“I saw your YouTube video. Could you do what you do for recruiting for jobs for recruiting students?”

That was the question we got from Labette Community College earlier this year from enrollment marketer Brandi Irish. As we learned more about the situation Labette faced, we thought we might be able to make a difference:

  • Labette was facing a shortfall in enrollment for the fall semester, mostly due to COVID-19.
  • Most of their communication was via phone, email, and in-person events.
  • Their target market was primarily people under 25, so we knew that phone and email was a big problem.

Students at Labette who enrolled after an SMS conversation via PivotCX

Photo: students who enrolled because of PivotCX

In our recruitment marketing business, we see time after time recruiters banging their heads against the wall, trying to call and email people who ignore both phone and email. Our solution is to help companies switch to using interactive text messages (fact: 95% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes) and adopt a real-time conversational strategy.  That means talking to people via text instead of just broadcasting links and trying to get people to fill in forms.

In almost every case for employers, the results were increased hires. We thought we might get similar results for Labette’s enrollment marketing. So we equipped Labette with PivotCX, our chat platform, and trained their team. It took only a day for Labette Community College to start getting results, and the results were beyond our and their expectations.  You can read all about the Labette story here

So, we are looking for a few more colleges, trade schools, and universities to partner with to see if we can achieve similar results. If you think text and chat could result in a substantial increase in engagement and enrollment, let’s talk soon.