Pivot CX with Mike Seidle, who is a Serial Entrepreneur and is currently the Chief Technology Officer & Cofounder at Pivot CX, who won the MIRA Innovation of the year award in 2018! We talk about How to Reduce Time to Hire from Weeks to Days or even Seconds plus much more!

Key Moments in this Episode

01:04 Mike Seidle introduction on his amazing journey having started his first company back when he was in high school to now owning 6 companies. This includes 2 development software development companies, a credit card processing company, 1 of the world’s 1st digital ad agency and social media agency in the US and Pivot CX, with the goal of changing how employers find jobs.

04:35 The 3 Biggest Mistakes in founding a startup.

06:53 Understanding the concept of MVP (Minimally Viable Product)

08:17 The importance of pivoting for businesses

14:11 Hiring vs retaining employees.

17:16 Biggest hurdles in the hiring process.

19:08 Speed of Implementation

23:48 Building relationships with employees

30:36 Changes to expect in recruiting post-covid.

37:41 Importance of coaching and mentoring

39:39 Best piece of advice: Don’t listen to people who will tell you that you won’t succeed!