Fix the Reactive Hiring Cycle—Stay Evergreen with WorkHere and Win

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Fix the Reactive Hiring Cycle—Stay Evergreen with WorkHere and Win

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The Unthinkable!

It happens. We don’t like to think about it. An employee didn’t show up for their shift and you have to go into a reactive hiring mode. You have to fill in or rearrange other workers’ schedules until you get a replacement! Your other employees resent having to pick up the slack and you feel the stress. You need to hire a new worker … fast!

Alleviate the Stress—Fix the Reactive Hiring Cycle!

The way most businesses hire hourly workers is broken. Reactive hiring processes cost employers extra time and money and often don’t yield the best candidate for the job—thus fueling the same broken, reactive cycle more times than we like to think about! Recruitment should be an active, on-going process that never ends.

Create a proactive hiring culture. Employers who actively recruit nearby workers throughout the year are able to alleviate stress on their current workers and support a healthier work culture. In turn, a healthier work culture reduces turnover!

The WorkHere Answer!

The founders of WorkHere recognized that the reactive hiring chain pattern saddles employers with meager retention and the higher costs entailed with attracting and training over and over again. They also saw that job boards support this reactive hiring process. Their answer to this broken reactive hiring pattern is WorkHere.

WorkHere is different! WorkHere breaks away from the job board model. It’s a social-mobile app that works for all of your place locations at a hyperlocal level. You do not pay per job post, you pay per location and can open and close as many positions as necessary at each place location.

Incorporating the WorkHere brand as part of your hiring strategy adds value to your hiring initiatives and promotes a healthier work culture because you promote yourself year round and build relationships with interested local workers before that “unthinkable moment.”

Be Social!

People who see the WorkHere “W” at your locations will instantly know that you are connected to a network of employers who utilize an easy, hyperlocal discovery and engagement tool.

Nearby workers can see you in WorkHere and express interest by following you and your places. Your job is to be social with your followers! Encourage your hiring managers to explore, build, connect, and share on WorkHere. Share information with your place followers so they get to know your place and its culture.

Building and nurturing your connections in WorkHere creates the evergreen pipeline of potential that you can access in that “unthinkable moment.”  Using WorkHere to build relationships with the workers in your local community workforce makes you proactive and puts you in control. When you are proactive and in control, you win!


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