How WorkHere Delivers the Candidates You Need

How WorkHere Delivers the Candidates You Need

WorkHere builds targeted worker → employer connections

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You—like many employers—need to find more than just followers. You need workers who meet your job criteria and qualifications. You need a way to target and connect to the most qualified workers.

The Need for Targeted Connections

Building community connections lies at the ❤️ of what WorkHere does. While building follower networks around specific places works well for many employers by giving them a pipeline of interested workers to engage with, other employers need something more. They need workers who meet certain criteria or who have certain qualifications. That’s where WorkHere’s targeted, geofenced marketing and chat team come into the picture to create a whole new level of behind-the-scenes candidate delivery.


WorkHere’s chat team delivers → candidates

WorkHere’s advertising targets the kinds of workers you need—where you need them. Workers who respond to our targeted, geofenced ads chat with a WorkHere chat team member through text about available opportunities. The chat team members work as community coaches to the workers. A coach helps a worker build a WorkHere profile and assesses how closely that worker fits your specified criteria and qualifications before delivering the worker as a candidate referral to you. You are delivered a candidate instantly via email. The candidate’s full profile appears in the email with a referral note from the WorkHere community coach chat team member.
Here is a sample of what the delivered candidate email looks like on a phone:

WorkHere is fast. You need to be fast too!

Candidate referrals from WorkHere are VERY warm leads—meaning they have just expressed interest only moments before in one of your places and appear to meet your specified criteria and qualifications for employment.

The faster you respond, the greater your chances are that you will get an interview with that candidate. WorkHere employers who have the greatest success engaging with their candidates call and text quickly after getting the candidate’s profile sent to them through the WorkHere app. Save emails for the follow-up information you want the candidate to see!

Get candidates→delivered

You can put WorkHere’s targeted, geofenced advertising and chat team to work for your places. If you want to learn more, join us for a free webinar.

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