Indiana INTERNnet Taps WorkHere to Connect Students to Career-Accelerating Internships

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The perfect interns — and internships — are now close to home, close to campus, close to you.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (February 21, 2019) – – College students are routinely advised to “get an internship” to gain valuable on-the-job experience in their field of study. For many young people who don’t have professional networks, have little work experience or have limited transportation options, that’s easier said than done. Finding the right opportunity in a location that’s convenient to home or campus can be hugely challenging.

Indiana INTERNnet on WorkHere.

Thanks to a new partnership between Indiana INTERNnet and WorkHere, the barriers to finding a professional internship — and interns — have been largely removed. Indiana INTERNnet, the free internship-matching program managed by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, has recently chosen Carmel, Indiana-based WorkHere, the first platform that utilizes geofence-marketing technology to deliver hyperlocal candidates, to connect high school and college students across the state with career-accelerating internships.

Indiana INTERNnet currently has more than 4,300 Indiana students at high schools and colleges, including Ivy Tech, Indiana University, Purdue, Ball State, Indiana State, IUPUI, Notre Dame and the University of Southern Indiana actively searching for internships. While the free program has always allowed internship seekers to search specific regions of the state for positions, WorkHere’s platform brings a granularity to an individual’s search not previously possible, while also supporting employers’ searches for appropriate interns. That was the tipping point for the program’s executive director, Mike Slocum.

“What’s exciting about WorkHere is just how user-centric it is. Students can now search Indiana INTERNnet’s available internships based on their preferred location, whether it’s close to home or close to campus. They can also search by industry, field, and type of internship they want. In addition to accessing WorkHere’s search capabilities, students have the option to chat with advisors for assistance in standing out to employers. Any student with a smartphone, should have no trouble using WorkHere to support their internship search,” said Slocum.

Indiana INTERNnet also hopes the ease of identifying interns with complementary career goals will encourage more Hoosier employers to not only get involved with the program and offer internships during the summer but also year-round. Currently, there are over 700 active internships and over 7,800 employers have recruited interns with Indiana INTERNnet since its inception in 2001. Employers use internships to identify young people who are creative, motivated and eager to assist with projects and who are open to learning. It’s not unusual for interns to transition into full-time hires. Indiana INTERNnet also hosts the Employment Aid Readiness Network (EARN Indiana) program that reimburses employers up to 50 percent of their interns’ wages if they hire students from low-income backgrounds.

Research by Pew shows that students who worked during their high school and college years out-earn their peers by 25 percent over their careers. Recently, entry-level jobs and internships have been hard to come by. WorkHere CEO and Founder Howard Bates believes the partnership between his company and Indiana INTERNnet will make it easier for students to find the internships needed to set up successful careers. “We used Indiana INTERNnet to recruit an intern from Ivy Tech who has become our digital marketing manager. My advice to Indiana college students? First, get the WorkHere app. Then get that internship!”


About WorkHere

WorkHere is the first geofence-marketing, hyperlocal candidate delivery platform. WorkHere targets local talent using, geofenced mobile, social and job media advertising. Candidates who respond are routed within seconds to a chat conversation with a trained, professional, human WorkHere agent. After a chat conversation confirms interest, vets basic qualifications, and answers the job seeker’s questions, the qualified candidate is referred to the employer’s recruitment team. For more information:

About Indiana INTERNnet

Indiana INTERNnet, a program managed by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, is the catalyst for expanding the creation and use of experiential learning opportunities as a key strategy in retaining Indiana’s top talent.


Mike Seidle, Cofounder and Chief Operating Officer at Work Here LLC

Mike Slocum, Executive Director of Indiana INTERNnet

Additional Quotes

“The Indiana INTERNnet-WorkHere partnership is another example of how our businesses are helping skill up tomorrow’s workforce while also contributing to statewide efforts to retain and attract top talent,” said Elaine Bedel, president of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation. “Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, and by offering competitive internships in a variety of high-skill, high-demand industries, Indiana companies are building a workforce that will in turn support the success of both current and future Hoosier companies.”
– Elaine Bedel, President, Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC)

“Indiana INTERNnet is an important part of turning brain drain into brain gain and connecting great Indiana companies with the talented young people attending our high schools, colleges and universities. This partnership with WorkHere will expand the reach of Indiana INTERNnet to thousands of students and Indiana employers.”
– Kevin Brinegar, President and CEO, Indiana Chamber of Commerce

“As our ecosystem works in partnership to ensure a continuum of work-based learning experiences for youth and young adults, their possibilities for continued career growth and success into adulthood increase exponentially. We’re excited that this collaboration will provide continued work-and-learn opportunities by making Indianapolis internships accessible to young people participating in summer youth employment through Project Indy,” said Angela Carr Klitzsch, president and CEO of EmployIndy. “WorkHere makes finding summer jobs and internships where students live and go to school easier, ultimately helping our city grow inclusively by building and retaining existing talent.”
– Angela Carr Klitzsch, President & CEO, EmployIndy


About WorkHere

WorkHere helps workers find better jobs closer to home through our geolocation-powered, chat-centric, social-mobile app. WorkHere’s chat team is available for free to help job seekers find the right fit and connect directly with hiring managers. For employers, WorkHere is the leader in hyperlocal candidate delivery. We identify and target candidates, reach out with hyperlocal, geo-targeted digital marketing and quickly engage with job seekers on multiple chat platforms through our very own centralized chat platform.

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