Job Boards Will Not Move the Needle, but Geofencing Your Competition Will

Sound aggressive? That’s because it is! This is a WAR, people. To win, you have to be on the offense, making smart maneuvers, pulling out all the artillery you have at your disposal, and then some—to WIN.

Doing the same old, same old and then increasing your spend into an outdated job board approach is NOT going to solve what amounts to a revenue problem for your company. The problem is that there isn’t much new in the way of tactics or ideas outside of the same old. Yes, you can likely make huge investments in technology, but you are still fishing in the same old ponds with everybody else like you always have.

Here are Three Propositions to think about in your strategy for 2019:

Branded vs. Unbranded

This is an interesting dichotomy for sure. Branded is effective if you have a great brand, like Coca Cola, where you can use consumer branding. Unbranded is effective if your brand is relatively unknown or has a negative connotation. Unbranded allows the “first responder” to the candidate the opportunity to sell the company benefits BEFORE they let them know the exact company—an approach that works particularly well if that first responder is an Owner or President of the company who reaches out really quickly. It’s a touch really impresses a candidate and cracks the door wide open for your pitch.

Geo-Fencing: Wrapping up your Competition

Finally, something new!! Geofencing is not new per se, it has been around in the consumer marketing for long time. I’m sure you saw how Burger King geofenced McDonald’s recently by offering up Whopper specials to McDonalds customers in their own stores. Talk about taking the gloves off, I love it! Now take this to recruiting—you know where the best talent works, what events they attend, what associations they belong to, the route they take to work, and if they have a license of any kind, where they live. Be AGGRESSIVE. Go on the OFFENSE. Proactively hunt these qualified candidates down and then do your thing.

Candidate Engagement

I stumbled onto the concept of the “Candidate Relationship” just recently (thanks Jared). It’s fascinating, building a relationship with your candidates goes far beyond just mere engagement. To me, technology searching resumes and applications for keywords is leaving a lot of good candidates out just because they weren’t hip to the trick of matching up to the keywords in the job description(s). Not only do you not get to experience the candidate, but a relationship is out of the question, especially if they never hear a word back from you like 75% of the applicants out there. Relationship…FASCINATING!

Last but not least, I often see—like every day—that HR professionals are working with the same resources as before the war started with little help from their senior team in the FRONT of the hiring process. If you are a senior management team member watching the hiring struggle from the sidelines, I implore you to GET INVOLVED up front, help your HR team build a strong relationship from the very beginning, and watch these new hires be the most engaged employees that stay forever and a day.

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