How do we know who is viewing our jobs?

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How do we know who is viewing our jobs?

Have you wondered who is looking at your jobs? Well, now you can see who has viewed and applied to your openings. It’s the fastest way to connect to potential workers. 

Let’s use the Business Development Representative we currently have posted for WorkHere as an example. You can see we have had four views and six applicants. By selecting the number we are able to see the profiles of those workers.

Use the icons to give them a call or send them an email. You also have the ability within the mobile version of the WorkHere app to text a worker. Instant connections using WorkHere.

Don’t worry once you close the position. We will archive and keep track of the data for you. You can see when the position was posted and closed, as well as see the workers who showed interest — so you can reconnect when the position is reopened.

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