Are you receiving WorkHere notifications?

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Are you receiving WorkHere notifications?

WorkHere is now the largest worker network in Indiana with over 40,000 and growing every day! It’s important to make sure you are receiving notifications from people, places, and jobs.

We thought it may be time to share best practices and tips to ensure your notifications are making it to your inbox. This is the best way to instantly engage with people interested in connecting with you and/or your company.

Depending on your company email rules you may need to request the following email notifications to be whitelisted by your IT department. This means they will not get stuck in the spam or junk folder.

  • WorkHere People:
  • WorkHere Place:
  • WorkHere Jobs:

You can also create a WorkHere folder so notifications will go directly to that location for easy organization.

Types of notifications:

  • Places you follow
  • People you follow
  • When a worker views a current opening in WorkHere or an externally posted opening
  • When a worker applies to a job posted in WorkHere

For additional assistance, contact Customer Engagement team at

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