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Techpoint: Can WorkHere solve the nation’s $2 trillion talent shortage and turnover dilemma?

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WorkHere Featured in TechPoint Index:

The results speak for themselves. As a force multiplier for both the advertising spend and the recruiting infrastructure, WorkHere customers are saving 40-70% on recruiting costs, and they are cutting the time it takes to hire candidates from months or weeks to just days using the Workhere platform. For one specific large enterprise customer, WorkHere was able to demonstrate a possible forecast increase of $200 million in revenue through hiring efficiencies using the WorkHere platform and services.

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  • It’s finally happened. Baby boomers have mostly aged out of the workforce and the talent shortages hitting nearly every industry are costing American companies more than $1 trillion in lost revenue. Worse still is the fact that finding and hiring employees is only half the battle, as voluntary turnover is costing employers an additional $1 trillion in lost productivity. Founders of the Indianapolis-based software scale-up company WorkHere say they’ve evolved their business model and really cracked the code on not only finding the elusive talent employers are looking for, but on helping to eliminate unforced errors and other factors that cause turnover. Specifically, the company has added a services layer that sits on top of their own or other job boards that delivers a candidate experience and vetting process most employers simply cannot offer on their own.