Why I Joined WorkHere

Finding a good job is pretty easy. Finding the right one where you can both succeed and stretch yourself is the challenge.

I am thrilled to be joining WorkHere at an exciting time in their growth as a company and innovator in the recruiting industry. I joke with Howard, Mike, Rick, and the team that I’m the perfect example of our mission to help organizations recruit better and hire local. While I was flying around the country connecting with potential jobs in Boston, Salt Lake City, and Fort Collins, I found WorkHere – a local company 10 miles from me!

I met Mike and Rick four years ago after a presentation I did at a local tech meetup. At the time, they were still shaping and socializing their hyperlocal job app idea. Now they have a growing client base and product and I get to be part of it. You never know when networking will turn into a great job opportunity years later.

Why WorkHere?

My early years (1997-2007) were spent growing Ed Tech startups with founders. I helped grow an English language learning site to 50+ university clients and launch a custom textbook company into a national print-on-demand brand with a big e-commerce operation. I transitioned into HR Tech in 2007, and I’ve spent the past 12 years in the talent assessment and recruiting spaces. I moved my family from Texas to Indiana in 2014 to join Carmel-based Performance Assessment Network. We became the #1 pre-employment testing and workflow company. Toward the end of my time at “PAN,” I guided the development and launch of a SaaS youth workplace skills product called Am I Job Ready. At the same time, I noticed WorkHere was gaining traction in the youth employment market with projects such as Project Indy. I couldn’t be happier to start this new adventure and be a “builder” again.

As the new Chief Client and Marketing Officer, my goals are to help WorkHere improve the results we generate for clients while building a world-class HR technology brand and marketing team. The pieces are here to do something great. Something the market hasn’t seen yet. So what are these pieces?

Our Mission and Market

WorkHere’s mission is to connect people to best-fit jobs and eliminate turnover. It’s a simple idea and one that has a lot of vendors (i.e. sourcing, screening, assessment, video interviewing, onboarding & coaching, etc) as pieces of a complicated puzzle. We’ve created a simpler approach to sourcing and screening candidates. We advertise and track ready-for-hire local jobs through our team of success coaches and patented technology. Firms such as Xerox, KeyBank, and Gate Gourmet, and advisory firms including Kenexa, Workday, and Evolv have all found correlations between commute time and new-hire retention and new hire success. We broadcast and narrowcast these “hyperlocal” jobs to active and passive candidates through our platform and a variety of media and social channels. The result is the optimal candidate attraction pipeline for every job.

We’re also building an engine to qualify and short-list candidates for our clients. This tech-enabled, human-centered approach has the potential to improve all key hiring metrics: cost of hire, time to hire, quality of hire, onboarding efficiency, retention, and ultimately, job engagement. We make the job application experience more authentic and human.

Solving a $2 Trillion Dollar Problem

While most business leaders agree that people are a company’s greatest asset, there’s a meaningful talent shortage in many industries (truck drivers, healthcare, and skilled trade to name a few). Korn Ferry estimates this talent shortage costs U.S. companies over $1 trillion in lost revenue! For all new hires, Gallup then estimates the cost of turnover in the U.S. across all industries to be $1 trillion dollars. What a double whammy!

Turnover is a complex problem that has many culprits. Years ago, there was a popular hiring stat that still boggles my mind today: Almost half of all new hires fail within the first 18 months, but only 11% because they lack the right job skills. The other 89% fail because of attitudinal reasons such as a lack of coachability, low levels of emotional intelligence, motivation and temperament. In other words, the position was a mismatch with their personal culture and values. Other times, a job is a great skills and culture fit but other factors such as a long commute throw off a new hire’s work/life balance and they quit. WorkHere is building a hiring and coaching model to solve these problems.

Company Leadership

I am lucky to join a company with great leaders who genuinely care about people and getting to the next level. Howard’s been CEO of multiple enterprises. Mike’s an expert at operations and building systems. And Rick created the first job board (what became Monster.com!). It’s inspiring and even a little intimidating (in a good way) to join such a talented and dedicated team.

I’ve only been here a few weeks, but I’m already loving the opportunity to return to my roots as an entrepreneur. I enjoy building new messaging, talking to customers and partners, and feeding insights back into the product. Years ago, I remember sitting with USC and ASU administrators reviewing web mock-ups of how fun ESL lessons could attract and retain international students. These conversations changed the trajectory of our small startup and helped us see how to partner with schools at scale.

I can’t wait to see what the next year brings in terms of personal and professional growth and client results. We are starting to make important product decisions that will take us into the next 3-5 years and help us scale our chat-first, geo-fencing sourcing business to more national brands. I can’t wait for what the future holds.

Onward and upward!

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