Case Study: LSGF (a Great Clips Franchise)

There are only so many licensed hair stylists and cosmetologists in a given area. Greg Thomas knew that if he could target and engage cosmetologists in nearby areas, he could sell them on the benefits of working for one of his 50+ successful, busy salons and being part of the Southeast Clips family.

WorkHere designed various social media and online advertising campaigns targeting stylists who lived and worked near Southeast Clips locations. The WorkHere chat team quickly engaged interested applicants and screened out people who weren’t licensed. Then Greg’s selling and marketing background kicked in! As we sent candidate referrals to Greg, he promptly reached out and pitched his unique opportunities and benefits such as good pay and no booth rental fees. “WorkHere listens to what my needs and challenges are in marketing job opportunities at Great Clips salons. I know that once they get the candidate on the hook that I can close the deal because I know what matters to my stylists.” says Greg.

Results So Far

  • Staffing levels across Greg’s salons increased from 84% to 98% resulting in more stylists cutting more hair!
  • Once our chat team had a conversation, the conversion rate of interested job seekers to submitted applications increased to 20%.
  • Our ongoing marketing of Greg’s jobs has helped build a pipeline of licensed cosmetologist talent for his Georgia salons.

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