Podcast: Mike on the Marketing Rules Podcast

As AI becomes common places in our working lives and the ease and speed with which we can roll out tools like chatbots, where does this leave human to human conversation in the recruitment process? Do job seekers prefer talking to a bot over a human? Join me to...

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Podcast: Mike Seidle on THINK Business LIVE

Looking for a great solutions to HIRING employers, student recruitment, and government agencies? Join me and Mike Seidle - Co-Founder and Chief Technology officer at Workhere – they reduces time-to-hire from weeks to days. Join us to talk about being PROACTIVE with...

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Podcast: Mike Seidle on Pathmonk Presents

For those of you who don’t know Pathmonk’s Presents, run by the folks at Pathmonk, you’re in for a treat. The show focuses on real-live insights from top business leaders sharing real success stories (and failures) backed by data in a brief 20 min format. They ran a...

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