Instantly Engage Applicants and Drive 10X Conversion

Humans crave engagement. Are you engaging potential candidates to make a great impression, or making them navigate a long apply process? Does your brand have a good rating on Glassdoor?

WorkHere instantly engages active and passive candidates where they’re able and ready to chat: on Facebook, via SMS, on your career site, and other destinations. We’re channel-agnostic, which means our only goal is to increase conversion of your job traffic into ready-to-hire applicants. Traditional job boards convert 2% of job views into a submitted application. With WorkHere, you can expect candidate conversion as high as 23%.

The Benefit of Instant, Human Chat

Many job seekers have horror stories of “black hole” application experiences. From cumbersome forms, to assessments, to never hearing back (or hearing back up to 60 days later), these processes can make an impersonable experience seem even more inhuman for a candidate. At WorkHere, we give your job seekers great experiences and instant human engagement so they become raving fans of your brand, whether they’re ready for your jobs now or down the road. This chat-first approach can increase job satisfaction scores by 44% or more.

WorkHere Chat Agents

Represent You

We’re trained to represent your brand and sell your job opportunities.

Save You Time

We save you time by screening out candidates who don’t meet your basic requirements.

Log Their Chats

We log our conversations so you can review them. If needed, we adjust our chat strategies and screening questions.

Deliver Great Applicants

We deliver new candidates to you or your ATS.