Target the Best Passive Candidates for Your Jobs

Studies show a long commute can increase turnover by 25% or more. WorkHere pinpoints and delivers the best hyperlocal candidates for your jobs using unique geofencing technology.

Are you looking for the right talent to join your organization? If you’re relying on a generic talent attraction strategy using mass job boards and your career site, you’re leaving your future to chance. We help our clients build a laser-like approach to targeting great local candidates who live close to your locations before the competition hires them. Let our expertise in geofencing recruiting help you target and engage awesome workers where they live, work, and shop.

Why Geofence?

  • Target passive candidates before your competition using GPS and advanced geo-location data.
  • Reach people who live near your locations and immediately lower your turnover by 25%-50% (Pew Study).
  • Reach people who live with a candidate. Spouses, family members, and significant others are powerful influencers in career decisions.

How Geofencing Works

By using geofencing as a job advertising channel, we deliver ads relevant to a candidate’s location and possible interests. Once a candidate enters your “fence,” they can see your advertisement later that evening, the next day, or even for the next few weeks.