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Recruiting Challenges in 2019

Join WorkHere cofounder Mike Seidle as he explores aspects and best practices for recruiting in 2019. In this webinar, Mike will explore the current landscape of the job market and industries in need of talent. Market conditions for finding talent are tight for many employers, especially in the areas of skilled trades, transportation, healthcare, cosmetology, restaurant and retail. Regardless of industry, having employees who are nearby aides in the recruitment and retention and saves employees money on commute costs and work/life balance. Mike will discuss some of WorkHere’s own case study around why and how location plays a vital role in a companies hiring efforts and bottom-line.

Duration: 30 minutes


  • Culture: Importance of business culture and reward systems in attracting candidates.
  • People: How to communicate effectively with Millennials and Gen-Z.
  • Technology: Finding talent on social media and mobile devices.

Recruiting in 2019

Time & Date:

September 17th at 10am EST

September 19th at 3pm EST

About the Presenter

WorkHere Cofounder Mike Seidle

Mike Seidle, WorkHere Cofounder and COO