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Upcoming Webinars

Re-imagine Recruiting Communication

Thursday July 16, 2020
11:00am EST

Join JobSync as we talk with Mike Seidle, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, WorkHere and Karl Ahlrichs Senior Consultant, Gregory & Appel about re-imaging recruitment communication.

With today’s social distancing challenges and the need to hire at scale or manage an influx of candidates thinking about ways to streamline and automate communication in the recruitment process while also keeping the personal connection is key.

Cultural Fit Assessments

Thursday July 16, 2020
3:00pm EST

Join StaffGeek Founder Sean Boyce and WorkHere Cofounder Mike Seidle for a discussion of how cultural fit assessments can accelerate hiring and deliver better talent. This 45 minute webinar will cover:
  • How companies can start screening for cultural fit from job board to hired.
  • The power of being human
  • How to easily integrate assessments to early funnel hiring processes
  • Why screening for cultural fit is critical to great hiring outcomes

Screen Talent Accurately with Chat

Thursday July 30, 2020
3:00pm EST

With high unemployment comes a huge influx of candidates. Find out how to use SMS and chat to give candidates a better, more human experience and quickly find the best talent.

  • Why use chat?
  • Screening questions – what works.
  • Screening technical candidates with chat.
  • How to make the experience incredible for every candidate.