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Recruiting Chat Best Practices

Cat Best Practices for Recruiting

Did you know WorkHere has been chatting with job candidates for over two years for some of the largest companies in the world? Learn how live chat can revolutionize your recruiting pipeline by improving engagement, candidate quality and candidate experience.

  • The difference between SMS, web chat, WhatsApp, Messenger, and RCS
  • When and where you should chat with candidates
  • What works, what doesn’t
  • Industry standards for response time, wait time and conversion rates
  • Five big mistakes that can make any recruiting chat program fail

Geofence Recruitment Advertising

Webinar: Geofenced Recruitment Marketing

Geofence media has revolutionized how retailers advertise. Find out how you can harness the power of mobile GPS to attract and hire high-quality, passive job candidates. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The difference between geofencing and geotargeting
  • Seven geofencing tactics for recruitment marketing
  • How to use geofencing to identify candidates
  • Four mistakes that can make a geofencing campaign fail
  • How to test geofencing to see if it can work for you